final fantasy 7

ap points 

  1. to gain easy ap points you need to go to the forest just outside meedeel once you're there walk around until you end up fighting either head hunters or caterpillars equip cloud with the apocalypse sword and give everyone a rune amulet every time you then fight a group of four head hunter you'll receive 340 APs and fighting caterpillars and three head hunters will give you 240 APs. 

if you want to gain loads of extra cash you need to master an all materia then when you've mastered it remove it and replace it with a new non mastered one you can sell the old one that will now be worth 1.4 million gils don't worry.

metal gear solid patched up they will look like giant sealed over mouse holes if you hear a double click come from under your feet you've just activated a trap door surprisingly the wolfs are probably the toughest to kill shoot them and don't stop or equip sniper wolf's hanky or get the baby wolf to pee on the card board box use the stinger to take out gun camerasbut aim for the centre of them to kill the most with one shot low crawl to pick up claymores use them to take out raven the second time sniper soldiers one shot one kill the stinger works as well you can swat the ravens and beat the living daylights out of that one dog the camera  has a more powerful zoom than the binos the medicine cures snakes sneeze for an easy kill kick or throw a guard over a rail or into the molten steel save often don't use pyrotechnics against psycho mantis he'll explode them don't hastily run into a room there may be claymores or infra-red laser barrier systems.